Slipped Between the Pages: Nature Artifacts in the Journal

With some tape, glue, a plant press, and tracing paper, the pages of the nature journal can come alive with artifacts collected from the natural world. Flipping through the pages of one of my journals, I am treated to pressed cottonwood and alder leaves, bark rubbings, a dusting of volcanic ash, a chunk of old man’s […]

Pen to Page: Field Sketching in the Nature Journal

A field journal is not just a place for words. The journal pages can also be filled with sketches of the natural objects, creatures, and phenomena encountered while exploring the outdoors. However, drawing in the field is packaged with its own unique set of challenges. A bird doesn’t strike a pose and wait for you to finish your sketch […]

A peek inside the pages of a nature journal

My nature journal is my travel companion. Whether it is tucked into my suitcase for a trip to Hawaii, packed in the car for a weekend road trip, or tossed into a backpack for a hike or camping trip, along it comes. I’m not religious about journaling; when I find the time or the inspiration, […]

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