Educational Products

Learning happens best when it is hands-on and experiential. We develop engaging teaching props, artifacts, games, infographics, and other educational products that make scientific concepts pop.

Teaching Props & Artifacts

Trying to figure out an engaging, experiential way to teach a particular science concept? We work with a variety of creative designers and fabricators (exhibits, online games, and graphics, just to name a few) to create custom teaching props and artifacts to accompany our science curricula. We’ve done it all: puzzles, board games, soil strata models, interactive phylogenic trees, online games, posters, teaching kits, educational storybooks, and more.

3-D soil strata model developed for an archaeology workshop. Fabrication by Pacific Science Center.

Spotlight On: Dead Sea Scrolls Teaching Props & Artifacts

Pacific Science Center needed help developing curriculum and teaching props for two family science workshops featuring the archeology of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Laughing Crow Curriculum developed the curriculum and worked with the museum’s fabricators to design a set of custom teaching props and artifacts, including a clay scroll jar puzzle, a 3-D soil strata model, a storybook scroll with handpainted illustrations, and a scriptorium kit.


Media Design

Today’s youth are media- and tech-savvy; is your science education program? We develop eye-popping infographics, engrossing web content, and interactive online games that present science content in engaging and interactive formats.

Spotlight On: Global Health Careers Infographic

The Washington Global Health Alliance Ambassadors desired an attention-grabbing print resource featuring careers in the global health field. Laughing Crow Curriculum delivered a colorful infographic poster accompanied by a set of eight career fact sheets. You can find the posters spicing up the walls of high school classrooms and career centers across Washington State. To check out these resources, visit the following website:

Commercial Products

Does your company design, manufacture, or sell educational products? Laughing Crow Curriculum partners with product manufacturers and wholesalers to create custom commercial products. We’ve designed “book plus” products, educational games, stories, and more.

Chemistry educational bingo game developed for World Class Learning Materials. Available for purchase from Photo courtesy of Learning Advantage.

Spotlight On: Science QUIZMO Bingo Games

Our company was contracted to develop the first science products for the popular  QUIZMO product line. These educational bingo games are found in classrooms across the country. Current science titles include: Rocks & Minerals, Chemistry, and Predator & Prey.