QUIZMO Science Bingo Games

World Class Learning Materials, Inc., 2009

A series of three science bingo games are now available for classroom teachers, museums, and camps. Available for purchase from: http://www.educatorsoutlet.com.

Students stumped by noble gases, alloys, isotopes, and polymers? Chemistry Quizmo will help students to gain practice in solving for either the chemical name or symbol for elements found in the Periodic Table of the Elements while also learning fun element trivia. From Hydrogen (H) to Radium (Ra), discover fun facts, unusual uses, and the stories behind an element’s name. Two levels of play. 2-36 players. GR: 5 and up.

Hunt down the missing link of a food chain, chase down the answers to predator/prey riddles, and sink your teeth into identifying types of consumers and producers. With four levels of play, students will explore food chains, predator/prey relationships, and trophic levels among the world’s biomes. Science has never been so much fun! 2-20 players. GR: 4 and up.

Calling all rock hounds! Match color photographs of rocks, minerals, and gemstones with relating trivia facts or physical/chemical properties. With two levels of play, students will unearth three rock types and dust off some interesting trivia. Game involves practice with 70 different rocks, minerals, and gemstones. 2-36 players. GR: 5 and up.

Images courtesy of Educators Outlet.

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