Legends of Flight IMAX Educational Curricula

K2 Communications, Pacific Science Center, and Boeing, 2008

Our firm was contracted by Pacific Science Center to develop a series of three educational resources to accompany the IMAX® film, Legends of Flight, as it prepared to travel to more than 80 theaters around the world, many of which were science museums and aviation museums.

Products included a “Teacher’s Guide K-3” (8 pages), “Teacher’s Guide 4-8” (40 pages), and an “Informal Educator’s Toolkit” (47 pages).

You can download Teacher’s Guides here:

Legends of Flight GK-3 Guide

This guide, for teachers of Grades K-3, features background information and four hands-on, exploratory classroom activities related to the science of flight. Activities include: Can I Measure the Pull of Gravity? (Build a Newton Scale); How Does Thrust Work? (Push Me? Push You Back); Can Air Slow a Fall? (Drag Racing); Can a Breath Lift Water? (Straw Foundation). 

Legends of Flight G4-8 Guide

This guide, for teachers of Grades 4-8, features background information and eight hands-on, exploratory classroom activities related to the science of flight and engineering design. The topics of the investigations are centered around: gravity, lift, drag, thrust, airplane design, international teamwork, materials science (composites), and aviation careers.

Resources that accompany the Informal Educator’s Toolkit can be downloaded here:

Informal Educator’s Toolkit

The Informal Educator’s Toolkit is an innovative resource that has never before been available to museums that showcase IMAX®
films. The Toolkit provides educational staff at museums with a comprehensive guide for developing their own informal education
programs to support the film. By pairing the IMAX film with the Toolkit, each museum is given the flexibility to design its own customized
educational programming, while ensuring that the content of the programming is relevant, scientifically accurate, and representative
of the Legends of Flight film.

Toolkit: Sample Education Materials

This section includes curriculum materials for informal science educators, such as museum docents. They include a 60 Second Science Activity, and Cart Activity, a Demonstration Activity, and two Workshops: Carbon Fiber: A New Kind of Weave and Lighting Design Studio.

Toolkit: Biographies

Many people have contributed to advances in the science of
flight as well as advancing technological innovations within the
aerospace industry. This section features brief biographies of
a select number of legends of flight.

Toolkit: Background Information

This section provides background information on the science and engineering concepts featured throughout the Toolkit, including gravity, lift, drag, thrust, airplane design, materials science, composite materials. It also includes information on international teamwork and careers in the aviation industry.

Toolkit: Bibliography & Additional Reading

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