Global Health Curriculum

Washington Global Health Alliance Ambassadors Program, 2009-11
Eleventh grade teachers and students in Washington State now have an interdisciplinary global health curriculum that brings real world issues into their advanced algebra, chemistry, and U.S. history classrooms. The Washington Global Health Alliance Ambassadors Program, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is a three-year program involving the development, piloting, and dissemination of a new curriculum. Ms. Bergsman mentored a group of 12 high school teachers as they were introduced to global health content and curriculum design, and managed the curriculum design process from idea inception to publication.
The final product is a 928 page curriculum featuring interdisciplinary lessons on cholera, influenza, malaria, and tuberculosis. You may download the full PDF here (caution, it is a large file).Global Health Curriculum FULL PDF
Our firm also produced an eye-catching infographic poster featuring global health careers. The information-packed poster and eight accompanying career fact sheets are currently being used by teachers, students, and career counselors across Washington State. To check out these resources, click here.
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