Feed & Food Safety in a Global Environment

Washington State Department of Agriculture and Seattle BioMed, 2012

Feed and Food Safety in a Global Environment is a set of seven ready-to-use animal and human food safety instruction modules for the high school level. These modules predate the Next Generation Science Standards; they meet Washington State science (life and physical sciences), math standards, and CTE standards as of 2012. Topics of focus include chemistry, biology, math, and business.

The lessons focus on the topics of ag-biotech careers, body weight concentration calculations (chemistry), feed safety, pet food safety outbreak, chemical analysis of feed safety and quality (chemistry), nomenclature of feed additives (chemistry), disease pathology of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) outbreaks (biology), the role of regulatory agencies, and the global market for agricultural-oriented businesses.

Activities emphasize career options, global awareness, systems thinking, chemistry content, biology content, and case studies in emergent diseases and intentional feed contamination.

The instruction modules are available for free download here:

Feed & Food Safety Curriculum

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