BioQuest Academy Curriculum

BioQuest Academy at Seattle Biomedical Research Institute, 2011

After running a successful two-week summer lab program for years, BioQuest Academy staff wanted to share their curriculum with the world. Our company provided project management, editing, illustration, and graphic design services to usher the two-part curriculum from draft form into a polished and professional publication.

Part 1 features Biomedical Boot Camp, a 276 page curriculum that involves students in hand-on laboratory investigations of natural defenses, HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, and drug discovery. Part 2 features Biomedical Immersion Research, an intensive 291 page laboratory curriculum that engages students teams in researching HIV/AIDs, malaria, and tuberculosis.

Biomedical Boot Camp can be downloaded here: Week 1-Biomedical Boot Camp curriculum

Biomedical Immersion Research can be downloaded here: Week 2-Biomedical Immersion Research Curriculum

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