Teaching about COVID through a Global Health Lens (workshop recording)

On January 30th, 2021, the STEM Global program of the Washington Global Health Alliance presented a virtual workshop for STEM educators. I’ve been involved in this wonderful project for several years, supporting local global health organizations as they developed classroom-ready teaching resources and presenting at their workshops in order to contextualize why contemporary science topics (global health! pandemics!) are important for STEM education.

The silver lining of this time is that when workshops are offered online, not only are they available to educators further afield (including international educators), but they are also able to be recorded and shared broadly.

If you are a secondary (middle school or high school) level educator interested in bringing global health topics into your classroom, the workshop recording is available here (3 hrs 15 min). The theme of this workshop was resources for teaching about COVID-19. An agenda of the workshop is outlined below.


-Welcome – Tiffany Cain, WGHA

-Why Contemporary Science Topics? – Kristen Bergsman, Laughing Crow Curriculum

-Overview of STEM Global Curriculum Resources – Kristen Bergsman, Laughing Crow Curriculum

-Virtual STEM Activity: Health Inequities & COVID-19 – Hanako Osuga & Regina Wu, Fred Hutch

-Mini-Session: Using COVID-19 Projection Tools – Justin Lo & Sarah Wozniak, IHME

-Virtual STEM Activity: COVID-19 in Context – David McIntosh & Ashley Hill, Gates Foundation Discovery Center

-Reflection: Taking STEM Global to Students Virtually – Tiffany Cain, WGHA


You can find a list of resources for teaching about COVID-19 here as well as so many great global health teaching resources here, all from the STEM Global program.

For more information about this project, see this Portfolio listing.

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