#StayHomeSTEM: More Teaching Resources on Coronavirus and COVID-19

There’s been quite a bit of interest in teaching resources on the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 since I first posted a list a few days ago here. Therefore, I’ve gathered some additional resources that may be helpful. If you’ve just landed here, please start with this blog post for information on how to talk to kids about the pandemic and additional curriculum resources.

In addition to the teaching resources shared in my previous blog post, here are some additional resources, grouped by grade level.

Elementary School Level:

I posted this resources previously, but so far it is the best resource I’ve come across that is specifically geared for younger learners about the coronavirus and COVID-19.

  • Brainpop’s coronavirus video (4 min) and lesson plan are great for elementary-aged learners. There is also a quiz and “challenge” activity to assess students’ understanding of coronaviruses and COVID-19. Some parts of the lesson include using BrainPop tools only available with a paid subscription, but adaptations are provided for “unplugged” versions.

I also previously shared NPR’s coronavirus comic book, but now a teacher turned it into a five-minute video with narration! Students could be asked to make their own comic books, public service announcements, or good hygiene posters to share at school or within their community.

Other relevant curriculum topics include focusing lessons on understanding germs (especially viruses) as well as the lungs and respiratory system,


Middle School Level:

Educurious offers a two-week long middle school level, project-based learning units that were produced in partnership with National Geographic. These are available as open-access educational materials with no charge. (Thanks to Dr. Elaine Klein for mentioning these resources).

  • Misunderstood Microbes: Students learn to make connections between the systems of the human body and common microbes that live in and on humans.
  • Menacing Microbes: Students learn about how communities prevent and contain outbreaks of infectious diseases.


High School Level:

Have ideas for other relevant teaching resources? Send them my way using our Contact Form or via email. #StayHomeSTEM


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