Creating a Maker Culture for Elementary Students

Last week I facilitated a workshop for teachers and parents at a local elementary school on how to create a maker culture. We discussed maker mindsets, maker communities, and how to support students in re-framing failure and frustration in design projects. Together we engaged in a materials exploration activity and a mini-design challenge. Making together is always a fun, collaborative, and creative experience.

This workshop was part of an enrichment program that we are designing for Cascadia Elementary School. This PTA-sponsored program will provide opportunities for 1st and 2nd grade classes to visit the school’s amazing makerspace to engage in making, tinkering, and design activities. The first grade unit is focused on biomimicry inspired design while the second grade unit is focused on building circuits to power up a paper city. Both programs will launch with students in 2020. Curriculum materials are being designed in collaboration with Gina Tesoriero.
























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