A Time for Tolerance and Action: Post-election Resources for STEM Educators

For many people I know, the past 10 days have been difficult as we come to terms of what the new post-election reality may mean for our country. I have the good fortune to work with an amazing group of STEM educators who are grappling with what these transitions may mean for those of us who work in education and with youth and their families. These are intelligent and compassionate educators, dedicated and passionate about equity. Together, these educators have curated a list of resources that may be helpful to other educators or folks who work with youth and families. I want to share some of these resources with you, and encourage you to share them with your own communities. I haven’t read all of these articles, but I don’t want to wait to share them until I’ve made my way through them all. Time is of the essence. We must speak against hateful rhetoric, intolerance, and willful ignorance. We must speak up for tolerance, for equity in its many important forms, for our young people, and for the very institution of science. These conversations must happen at the dinner table, in the office, in science classrooms, with young people, with our families.  I hope that this list is helpful and that we all choose to think, talk, respectfully disagree, and engage.

Scientific American articles about diversity in science


Resources for Educators on Allyship, Tolerance, and What We Can Do:


Resources for Engaging Students in Discussions and Learning about Socioscientific Issues



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