Botanical Heart Throbs: Investigating the Neuroactive Properties of Plants

Back in 2013, Laughing Crow Curriculum was hired by the Sowing the Seeds of Neuroscience program at the University of Washington to assist with the development and production of a curriculum consisting of eight lesson plans. We wrote about it in this previous blog post.

One of these lesson plans was recently featured in an article in the NSTA publication Science Scope.Botanical Heart Throbs” by Kristina Straus and Eric Chudler describes the Botanical Heart Throbs lesson, in which students investigate if certain plant extracts act as stimulants or depressants and influence the heart rate of Lumbriculus worms. The lesson highlights culturally relevant science instruction and authentic science investigations.

By the way, the Sowing the Seeds of Neuroscience program offers a free week-long summer camp for middle school students, a workshop for middle school teachers every summer, and a kit-based curriculum program for teachers who have previously attended a workshop.



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