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Laughing Crow Curriculum LLC is a Seattle consulting firm providing services in science curriculum design and publication.


Laughing Crow Curriculum is a STEM education consulting firm. Since 2001, we have supported our clients by offering curriculum development, design, production, and publication services and professional development with teachers. We provide support for PreK-12 educational programs working in formal and informal learning settings.


We work with clients locally and from across the U.S. who repeatedly turn to our firm for educational materials that are accessible, personally relevant, and engaging for the intended audiences.


Visit our blog for company news, science education opportunities, and a peek into the pages of our nature journal.

Our Services

Curriculum Development

We provide assistance at every stage of the curriculum development and publication process. We are here to help from start to finish. Find out how we helped an IMAX film production studio, a biomedical research institute, and an urban middle school with their curriculum development needs.

Journaling Workshops

Creative nature journaling workshops are fun and inspiring for all ages. Journaling provides natural connections to the study of science, art, math, writing, and history.

Professional Development

We can help support your organization’s professional development needs. We offer mentoring and guidance to curriculum designers, staff training, and delivery of presentations at workshops and professional conferences.

Educational Products

Learning happens best when it is hands-on and experiential. We develop engaging teaching props, artifacts, games, infographics, and other educational products that make scientific concepts pop.